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What matters in sandwich panel design?

The quality of such a roof depends primarily on the care taken in the design and selection of suitable sandwich panels. Among other things, it is necessary to take into account manufacturers’ guidelines on the load-bearing capacity of a given panel type, as well as the shape, slope and surface of the roof, and the snow and wind load zones.

It may also be important to take into account technological loads related to the installation of lighting, heating, ventilation and drainage (roof water drainage) systems, as well as elements installed on the roof deck (skylights, smoke flaps, roof hatches or snow barriers). It is also necessary to determine the types of sandwich panels for each roof section and their arrangement (the panels may differ in thickness, span, number of spans, load-bearing capacity, etc.), the ways of supporting the sandwich panels on the supports, the types of mechanical fastenings on the supports, the ways of joining and sealing the sandwich panels and the solution for lightning protection.