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Bolted Lightweight Structures

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Installation service for sandwich panel and asbestos removal from your roof

We assemble sandwich panels thanks to our own team specialized in roof assembly. We take care of the necessary measurements, material supply, transport and lifting methods. Leave everything in our hands for the renovation or new construction of our sandwich panels. If you need asbestos removal, we have equipment, EPIS and personnel prepared to perform it, all in compliance with current regulations.

Our technical office reviews all the products and materials necessary for the installation of panels, trims and fasteners. We offer our customers new and second-hand panels as well as second-hand panels at the best prices on the market. The advantages of the polyurethane sandwich panel are that it is lightweight, ideal for enclosing roofs or facades and is highly insulating.

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Bolted Light Metallic Structures: What are they and what benefits do they bring?
Bolted light metal structures are a modern construction system, which offers an alternative to other traditional methods. This system is constructed from different metallic elements, metal profiles, anchor plates and other types of materials. These structures are lightweight, resistant and versatile, with the advantage of being modular and dismountable. These features make this system an ideal choice for those who want a quick and, in some cases, temporary construction.

Bolted lightweight metal structures allow for a variety of different uses to meet everyone’s needs. They are used in the construction of industrial buildings, storage buildings, agricultural buildings, civil and domestic works, among others. These systems have been used for the erection of scaffolding, for temporary shelters, and for the construction of gazebos and fixed structures.
What is a bolted light structure?
A bolted lightweight structure is a structure built with several parts connected to each other by bolted joints. These joints can be resilient, meaning that the bolts are used to give strength to the system, or they can have a single strength, meaning that the bolts are only used to support the system.

In the design of lightweight bolted structures, it is important to select the right materials to ensure the required performance. These materials include steel profiles of different thicknesses, square or rectangular tubes, anchor plates, simple or corrugated sheets, rock wool, sandwich panels and other parts. These materials should be selected according to the use to which the structure will be put, as well as according to the place where it will be installed.
Benefits of using bolted lightweight metal structures
Lightweight metal structures offer a number of benefits to their users. The main benefit is strength and durability, allowing the structure to last for years even under extreme conditions. They are also versatile, allowing the construction of strong structures with a variety of designs and materials.

In addition, these structures are lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for temporary construction sites. In addition, they are easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing for greater flexibility in their uses.

Finally, the fact that these structures can be easily disassembled allows them to be reused or rearranged according to the requirements of each application. This helps to optimize the investment, since the materials can be reused in subsequent projects without the need to purchase new ones.
Installation rules for bolted light metallic structures

Some important aspects to keep in mind when using bolted metal structures include the selection of the right materials, the proper design of the structure, the recommended joints, the choice of the right profiles, and the proper location of the bolts.

The number of screws required should also be considered. For example, screws of at least 8 mm are recommended for joints in structures with transitions, while larger screws are recommended for flat structures.

In addition, it is important to take into account the force applied to the bolts. The bolts to be used in steel structure joints shall be of one of the grades 4.6, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8 or 10.9. To avoid rusting, the use of galvanized screws is recommended. Finally, to prevent the structure from bursting, the use of self-expanding bolts is recommended.


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