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Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

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Installation service for sandwich panel and asbestos removal from your roof

We assemble sandwich panels thanks to our own team specialized in roof assembly. We take care of the necessary measurements, material supply, transport and lifting methods. Leave everything in our hands for the renovation or new construction of our sandwich panels. If you need asbestos removal, we have equipment, EPIS and personnel prepared to perform it, all in compliance with current regulations.

Our technical office reviews all the products and materials necessary for the installation of panels, trims and fasteners. We offer our customers new and second-hand panels as well as second-hand panels at the best prices on the market. The advantages of the polyurethane sandwich panel are that it is lightweight, ideal for enclosing roofs or facades and is highly insulating.

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Rockwool Sandwich Panel
Rockwool Sandwich Panel: The perfect solution for insulation and structural support
What is Rockwool Sandwich Panel?
Rock wool sandwich panel is a recognized material in the construction industry, known for its versatility. It is composed of two outer layers of resistant material, with a layer of rock wool insulation in the middle. This insulation is made from natural volcanic rock, melted and spun into fibers to form a dense and reliable insulation. It provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, which helps regulate the temperature inside buildings, reducing energy consumption and heating/air conditioning costs.

The rock wool sandwich panel also offers fire resistance. Its rock wool insulation is non-combustible, making it an ideal choice for buildings where fire safety is paramount, such as schools, industrial facilities and hospitals. It can help contain the spread of flames and give occupants time to evacuate safely.

The durability of the rock wool sandwich panel is also remarkable. Its outer layers are usually made of metal, which is resistant to corrosion, weathering and impact, meaning it can withstand harsh environments. Rock wool insulation is also resistant to mold, moisture and pests, which increases its longevity.

Overall, rock wool sandwich panel is a reliable and sustainable material that offers many advantages for construction projects. Its thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and fire-resistant properties make it a sought-after option for many construction projects.
Advantages of the Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
Rockwool sandwich panel is an excellent choice for building facades due to its numerous benefits. Not only does it have excellent thermal insulation properties, but its fire-resistant design and soundproofing capabilities make it an ideal choice for any building. It is also incredibly durable and requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution. In general, the façade panel is a versatile and reliable option for any construction project.

This panel is designed with a rock wool insulation core sandwiched between two metal sheets. This helps reduce heat transfer, providing a comfortable temperature inside the building and reducing the need for additional heating or cooling. The panel also has a high fire resistance rating, making it a safe choice for buildings in areas where fire safety is a concern.

In addition to its thermal insulation and fire resistance, the Rockwool Sandwich Panel also stands out for its impressive soundproofing properties. The rock wool core absorbs sound waves, keeping noise levels low and creating a quiet environment. This makes the panel an excellent choice for spaces where noise control is important, such as offices, hospitals or residential buildings.

The durability of the Rockwool Sandwich Panel is another important advantage. Constructed from high quality materials, the panel is corrosion, impact and weather resistant, meaning it will stand the test of time and provide long-term protection. This makes it an economical choice for building facades and requires minimal maintenance. In general, the Rockwool Sandwich Panel offers numerous advantages, making it an excellent choice for building exteriors. From its thermal insulation and fire resistance capabilities to its acoustic insulation and durability, this panel is a versatile and reliable choice for any construction project.
Types of Rock Wool Sandwich Panels
When constructing a building, there are several types of rockwool sandwich panels to choose from. From acoustical for soundproofing to fire resistant for fire safety, these panels provide excellent insulation and structural support. For energy-efficient operations, sandwich panel thermal insulation is an excellent choice. Helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by minimizing heat transfer and reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling. On the other hand, the cold storage sandwich panel ensures temperature-controlled storage for products requiring precise temperature control, such as those in the food and pharmaceutical industries. For soundproofing, the acoustic sandwich panel is particularly effective.

As far as soundproofing is concerned, the acoustic sandwich panel is an ideal solution. This rockwool panel is specifically designed to absorb and reduce sound transmission, making it a must-have for recording studios, theaters and conference rooms. Its unique composition and design help minimize sound vibrations, providing occupants with a quiet and comfortable environment.

Fire-resistant sandwich panel is another key option. This panel is made with fire-resistant rock wool insulation and non-combustible materials, offering a high level of protection against fire hazards. It is commonly used in buildings that require strict fire safety regulations, such as hospitals, schools and industrial facilities.

For energy-conscious individuals and companies, sandwich panel thermal insulation is an ideal choice. This panel is designed to provide superior thermal performance, helping to maintain a comfortable interior temperature by minimizing heat transfer through walls and ceilings. Reduces the need for excessive heating or cooling, resulting in energy savings and lower utility costs.
Rockwool Sandwich Panel Applications
Rock wool sandwich panel is a versatile product with numerous uses. One of its most popular applications is in the construction industry, where it is widely used for roofing and wall cladding. This product offers excellent thermal insulation and fire resistance, making it an ideal choice for creating energy-efficient and safe buildings.

Another important application of the rock wool sandwich panel is in the cold storage sector. This product is highly effective in maintaining a constant temperature inside cold rooms, refrigerated warehouses and food processing facilities. It is also extremely resistant to moisture and condensation, making it an ideal choice for preserving the freshness of perishable products. In addition, its strength and durability make it a reliable choice to withstand the challenging conditions of cold storage environments. In general, the rock wool sandwich panel is an invaluable tool for various industries, providing efficient solutions in terms of energy efficiency, fire protection and temperature control.
Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Manufacturing Process
The development of rock wool sandwich panels requires a meticulous process to ensure their superior quality and durability. First, raw ingredients such as basalt rock and coke are heated to molten temperatures. The molten material is then spun into fine fibers to make rockwool material. It is then mixed with a binder and compressed into boards of the desired thickness. The boards are then sandwiched between two layers of metal or other materials, forming the sandwich configuration. This is ensured with an adhesive or by thermal bonding, which guarantees that the panels are strongly adherent and have excellent structural stability. The panels are then cured to strengthen the bond between the layers, which can be accomplished by applying heat or allowing the adhesive to harden over time. Once cured, the boards are cut and sized to the desired size and shape. In addition, the rockwool sandwich panel can undergo additional treatments, such as coatings or laminations, to improve its performance and provide additional protection against moisture, fire and corrosion. Finally, the finished panels are inspected and packed for distribution. In summary, rock wool sandwich panel construction employs advanced technology and quality materials to produce a reliable and versatile building material. The meticulous steps involved in its manufacture guarantee superior quality and its application in insulation, soundproofing and fire resistance.
Cost of Rock Wool Sandwich Panel
The cost of rock wool sandwich panels can vary depending on many factors. One of the main elements that can affect cost is the size of the panel. Larger panels will typically be more expensive than smaller panels due to the greater amount of material required. In addition, the thickness of the panel can also affect the cost. Thicker panels can be more expensive as they require more insulating material. In addition, the quality of the rock wool used in the panel can also influence the cost. A higher quality rock wool may cost more but provide better insulation.

Another factor that can influence the cost of rockwool sandwich panels is the manufacturing process. Different manufacturers may use different techniques and equipment, which can lead to cost discrepancies. In addition, the location of the manufacturer may also affect the cost. Facilities located in regions with higher labor or material costs may charge more for their products. In addition, any additional features or customization options, such as special coatings or finishes, may also increase the cost of the panels.

When evaluating the price of rock wool sandwich panels, it is important to consider their long-term benefits as well. Although they may have a higher initial cost compared to other insulation materials, the energy savings and durability of stone wool panels can result in long-term cost savings. In addition, the excellent fire resistance and soundproofing capabilities of rock wool also offer additional value. Therefore, when evaluating the cost of rockwool sandwich panels, it is important to consider the overall value and advantages they can offer.
In conclusion, the Rock Wool Sandwich Panel proves to be a versatile and efficient building material. With its excellent thermal insulation and fire resistance properties, it offers numerous benefits for various construction applications. From industrial warehouses to commercial buildings, the Rockwool Sandwich Panel offers a strong and cost-effective solution. Its manufacturing process guarantees high quality panels that are easy to install and maintain. In addition, the Rockwool Sandwich Panel is available in different types, allowing customization according to specific project requirements. In general, choosing Rockwool Sandwich Panel, such as the Pyrenean white variant, guarantees a sustainable and energy-efficient solution for modern building needs.

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