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The high operational qualities of rock wool sandwich panels are due to:

Three-layer construction
the use of modern materials
advanced processing.

The three layers are mineral wool panels coated on both sides with cold-rolled steel sheets.

The steel plate is reliably protected against corrosion and mechanical damage.

Modern steel sheet processing methods and multilayer coating (see picture) ensure durability and resistance to aggressive environments and solar radiation.

The color of the inner and outer skin coating of the panel can be chosen according to the RAL color standard.

The core of the sandwich is compressed mineral wool based on basalt fiber.

For its manufacture, the mineral melt is converted into fine fibers, broken in all directions and a wool carpet is formed. The wool then undergoes several more levels of processing, including polymerization.

The result is an advanced material with high thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics, resistant to temperatures, aggressive substances and microorganisms. The material does not absorb moisture and allows vapor to pass through easily, providing good ventilation and moisture removal.

Mineral wool belongs to the class of non-combustible materials and is widely used to improve safety and fire protection.

The durability of mineral wool is theoretically equal to that of the original material: basalt. This allows not to be afraid of the reduction of the quality characteristics of sandwich panels in the places of their joints.