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Sandwich panels are the way to buildable, long-lasting construction

Sandwich panels are an ideal building material for creating a functional, buildable and durable framework. With sandwich panels, it is not only possible to create a beautiful building, but they are also easy to install, have a long service life and, with the right cladding, are highly resistant to all types of weather. All this makes sandwich panels an economical and climate-friendly alternative to other building materials.

Whether for industrial, commercial, educational or cultural buildings, sandwich panels are a good, environmentally friendly alternative for creating a well-functioning environment. Sandwich panels consist of an insulating core of mineral wool or foam with steel sheets on both sides. The core material comes in many different sizes and the various options for customizing the exterior materials make it easy to integrate the sandwich panel into many different types of buildings. The result is a self-supporting and resistant construction, as simple as it is effective.

Sustainability in sandwich panel housing
Studies estimate that our buildings account for approximately 40% of our total energy consumption, while the production of building materials itself accounts for 10-15% of our total CO2 emissions. Thus, construction is an obvious place to take action to reduce society’s overall environmental impact. Building for the long term is sustainable, and a key element of the ecological transition is to build with robust, recyclable materials that result in durable buildings. Steel makes up a large part of the sandwich panel material, and as a material that can be recycled many times without losing its properties, sandwich panels are a great choice for building robust and durable architecture. Looking at a building from a life cycle assessment point of view, i.e. taking into account the climate impact of all building materials from cradle to grave, renovation of existing buildings is also an effective way to reduce the climate footprint of the building. Thus, renovation, rather than demolition and subsequent new construction, is often the best option from a climatic and economic perspective. Therefore, renovation panels have also been developed that allow thin sandwich panels to be installed in older buildings ready for renovation.

Efficient installation optimizes the construction process.
Since up to 10% of the total costs of a construction project are related to the construction itself, a lot of money can be saved by streamlining and optimizing the construction process. Sandwich panels contribute greatly to this, as they are delivered to the construction site as ready-to-install building elements that simply need to be lifted and screwed together. This also means that time on site is reduced to a minimum, making the construction project less dependent on weather conditions and other factors that often delay construction.

Our company’s sandwich panels are available in several different colors, which in combination with the possibility of integrating other building materials and decorative elements into the facade, also offers many opportunities to adapt buildings to any requirements. Our sandwich panels are available as both wall and roof panels to enclose the entire building, while our renovation panels allow existing buildings to be renovated both visually and in terms of insulation. Our sandwich panels are made of recyclable, fireproof and robust materials, with a special coating that allows them to withstand environmental stresses and have a long service life. To ensure quality, we continuously test our insulation cores in accordance with current Danish and European standards, such as EN 13501, EN 1363 and EN 1364.

Build with us with our patented StarModul system.
Construction is a collaborative discipline, and at StarModul we consider every building we participate in to be our building. Therefore, we have developed a program that allows you to easily design and dimension your construction project according to your specific wishes and needs. If you would like to know more about our sandwich panels, our engineers and structural designers are always ready to help you realize your project. With our sandwich panels it is possible to create robust, durable and easy to maintain buildings, without sacrificing quality, functionality and aesthetics. We call it Good thinking.
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