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How much does sandwich panel installation cost?

The price of sandwich panel installation depends on the type of sandwich and the height of the building. The price of wall sandwich panel installation differs from the price of roof sandwich panel installation only in the number of mechanisms used.

The price for the installation of sandwich panels should also include safety measures, horizontal and vertical nets, cranes, elevators, safety plan, recycling of packaging material, fasteners, finishing, etc.

The average price for the installation/assembly of sandwich panels ranges between 18 and 25 euros/m2.

The cost of installation depends on the conditions under which the sandwich panels are installed: the height of the building, the amount of cutouts and end joints, and the type of sandwich panels.

These are the main criteria that determine the price of installation work depending on the type of sandwich panel:

The installation of sandwich panels is difficult due to the number of elements, labor.
The installation of rock wool sandwich panels requires a high panel weight due to the density of the mineral wool, machinery.
Installation of cooling sandwich panels: high requirements for joint sealing and elimination of thermal bridges, necessary machinery mechanisms.
The installation of foam sandwich panels is easier and faster.