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How much do sandwich panels cost?

It is very difficult to determine a universal price for the installation of sandwich panels, since many different components, as well as different scales of investment, must be included in the construction cost estimate.

As a rough estimate, the following material acquisition costs can be assumed:

The price of a sandwich panel with a foamed polystyrene core: from 22€ per m2 net.

The price of a sandwich panel with mineral wool core: from 26€ per m2 net.

The price of a sandwich panel with polyurethane core (PIR) – from 18€ per m2 net.

In addition to the purchase price of the sandwich panels, the following must be taken into account in the cost estimate:

Labor costs

Vacuum baskets and vacuum lifters rental (recommended by PanelSandwich.ORG)

Purchase of accessories (fasteners, flashings, gaskets) – approx. 10-15% of the purchase cost of all materials

Transportation: PanelSandwich.ORG takes care of the transportation of the sandwich panels, if requested by the customer.